The iAgents Help Desk is a student run support forum created to help support Lake Zurich CUSD 95 students with their iPads.

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iAgents Help Desk

Apple Support Tech 2 Sep 28 Announcements / Announcements

The following instructions will help you backup your iPad, update it to iOS 10 and download any "stalled" applications that may not be downloading properly!

 **Note: 6th Graders, if you did not see a Technology Specialist today about receiving a managed Apple ID, then please do not follow these steps. A Technology Specialist will see you soon about your Apple ID.**

Update instructions.jpg

Mr. Nardiello May 13 Announcements / Announcements

All District iPads are being automatically reset this summer including student iPads.  The reset will erase the iPads and any data not backed up will be lost. The reset will be pushed automatically to your iPad on June 7th.  Please follow the checklist in this post to make sure all important data is backed up.  If you have additional questions you may make an appointment to see the iAgents using the link posted below, or you may make a Help Desk request ticket and get a response within 24 hours. Click on the link for a step-by-step guide to setting up your iPad after the reset.  

IF you are a 6th grader or new student that just picked up your iPad this summer, you do not need to do the reset. Your iPad is all ready for the school year.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your transition as seamless as possible. 

  1. What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password. [Pictures] [Video]
  2. How to backup your iPad. [Pictures] [Video]
  3. How to backup Notability to Google drive[Pictures] [Video]
  4. How to backup Notability to iCloud [Pictures] [Video]
  5. How to backup Explain Everything [Pictures]
  6. How to backup Photos to Google Drive [Pictures]
  7. Checklist: What to do after iPad reset


Make an appointment to see an iAgent!

Make a Help Desk ticket! Get a response within 24 hours!

Becky Manzo Jun 1 Announcements / Announcements

These How-To's will help you set up your iPad after the iPad reset on June 7th. These are all in order of what to do. Following these steps will help you successfully retrieve data that you have backed up. As always, if you need help, please make an appointment to see the iAgents using the link posted below, or you can make a Help Desk request ticket and get a response within 24 hours. 


Step-by-Step Guide to add your data back on the iPad

1. Complete startup wizard [Picture]

***Please be patient after this step as some of your apps will automatically download (this can take an hour or so)***

2. Where to find your passwords (Home Access) [Picture]

3. What to have on in iCloud settings [Picture] 

4. How to login Google Drive [Picture]

5. Adding email to the iPad [Picture]

6. How to login to Canvas [Picture]

7. Restore notes in Notability: iCloud [Picture]

8. Restore notes in Notability: Google Drive [Picture]

9. Extra: Downloading photos from Google drive [Picture]


Make an appointment to see an iAgent!

Make a Help Desk ticket! Get a response within 24 hours!

Mr. Nardiello August 7, 2014 Announcements / Important for 2015/16 school year


Please note that you may not be able to login until closer to the first day of school.  You will receive an email from once it is possible to login.  Once you receive the email, please follow this link for instructions on how to set up the Canvas App.

Mr. Nardiello November 26, 2014 Announcements / Important for 2015/16 school year


This forum is here to help you with updating to the newest iOS. Inside this forum you will find step-by-step instructions and how-to videos to make your transition to the newest iOS as seamless as possible.  Note: Some videos refer to updating to iOS 8. All videos are also designed for updating to iOS 9.

 Please watch the videos and read the posts in the following order:

If you run into any issues please enter a ticket and someone will respond within 24 hours except on holidays.  

NOTE: You will need to use your school issued email account to submit a ticket ( with the @lz95.net).